Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Long awaited, The Field Mantra has come.

PM's directive observes that the 'Central Secretariat has lost field focus and officers need to mandatorily spend 5-6 days in the field'. That there is a need to reach out to every one in the team --break the habit of working in silos...There is a need for communication between seniors and juniors. Need to align all employees to the vision of the organisation'.
Once all supervisory officers in Government implement this directive in letter and spirit governance will reach the common man with speed and service.
It is the intention which will matter. Not make it a routine visit for record sake. Or a paper report.
But a visit which has a purpose and leads to improvement in the place of visit.
Thereafter follow up is essential to see if improvement has happened.
Visits will encourage team solutions and alignment in functioning as PM's direction intends to inculcate.
Am happy to see this directive finally come from PM himself. I have been requesting this from day one.
Once Puducherry officers follow it, it will improve every sector.
Most of all it shall stop wastage of precious resources.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Challenge is how do we connect the last public official with the vision of New India

Governance delivery is both TopDown and BottomUp.

There is a visible disconnect between the Top, through the middle and then the bottom. Delivery is hampered by several layers. Whereas the implementation is by the middle and the bottom levels. New India needs newer strategies to narrow this gap. There are no mandated strategies to do so. It has been by and large person driven at various levels so far. Which is why few stand out others remain invisible or remain average, or do not feel accountable or stake holders. For a New India we need a nationally implementable plan to coopt all the 3 Crore+ Govt employees. Some States, Some officers, some places, some units doing it will be like ponds or small islands but not make the Indian Ocean, of responsive delivery.

Hence we need to think this through and find a way how do we engage the last public official on our pay roll who says, 'I am an important part of the architecture of New India. I am its builder and a resident'

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Best way to express our love for our children.

Unless we care about the future of our children we will not be concerned about the quality of their schooling. 

We can always begin with what we have. By constantly upskilling our own teachers. We can create eco systems in neighbourhoods, academic institutions, community organisations,vocational training institutions, value education, sports places to be partners. There is no dearth of resources. Each needs the other. 

Missing link is coordinator-Key administrator. Key local leaders who brings/ allows all to come together. 
Let Puducherry/Univ students of all subjects and senior college students and credible NGOs join in school learnings as extra classes? We only have to thread them together. It's a win win situation. 

We all love our children. Let's express it by preparing them with educating them holistically through ecosystems. 
Principals and administrators be the HUB

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What learning institutes need to impart to all professionals this essential personal skill.

Be in office when u must. Be in the field when u must. Striking the right balance with correct timing is the key to responsive administration. 

Learning Institutions must impart this essential skill to all professionals. It's true of both public and private sector. A stitch in time saves nine. Early intervention helps prevention. And timely intervention checks further decline. In the Government sector  it assures people of a responsive governance which is transparent. In the private sector it establishes leadership with concern for quality and  care. All these qualities are needed in all public services anyway. Equally applicable in personal or social issues. Situations only vary.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How do we provide an environment for CVOs to go after sharks rather than small fish only

It's not the selection only that is critical but who does the CVO report to. If as CVO he/she is also a CS and reports to CM is conflict of interest.

To ensure independence and higher accountability of the CVO the officer is not only to be clean but also clear of his own conduct and also clear of reporting pressures from his next senior. It's the annual appraisal from the next senior which inhibits exposures.

Which is why CVOs are seen more going after small fish not the sharks..When info of sharks and crocodiles is in public domain. These insecure CVOs go after rats and mosquitoes..Infact such placed CVOs are seen to be afraid of even an inquiry if it is concerning their own boss/es. Hence we need to carefully examine who do they report to and what independence of reporting the CVOs have.

My suggestion would be that CVO work ought not be combined with any other to avoid more supervisors. And they must report to CVC. This is what will bring the much needed respect and fear required in administration today.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

When leadership can act as deterrence... against corruption in jails.

So much being exposed about corruption in jails. It's bound to be there wherever there is no transparency in its living and oversight.

Any leadership which wants to check corruption will ensure the following.

1 optimum use of technology. Install cameras all over and save recordings of it to be viewed and stored as evidence.
No one escape the eye of the camera.

2. Visit the Prisons regularly, personally.
3. Install feedback systems which protect whistle blowers.
4. And take need based action on feedback.
5. Bring in spirituality training in prisons not only for prisoners but staff too.
6. None of the above needs more budgets.
7. We can begin with what we have.                   
8. Try these few measures to begin with.
9. Key is, does the leadership want integrity???

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Who says Heavens are far? Made greener by Rain God's. Enjoy

Never realised that being a Functional Governor and being People Sensitive would cause so much of distress to some?

--Going by what has appeared in the papers today in Puducherry.
I am in Delhi today on the invitation of our Honorable President bidding farewell to all Governors and Lt Governors and Administrators.

It's so evident that going along with status quo is more acceptable to some.
And changing things for the better is disturbing.
Which is why many choose a safe route of No Change. Play safe. And let people suffer in so many ways.

I have seen this in al my life so far.
But I have believed in solutions for the benefit of people who we are meant for.
Hence none of this comes as a surprise to me.
I am for a duty to be done and will keep doing as per the laws and the rules.
The Judiciary is the final arbiter. We can always go to it. Let truth prevail.
I shall be back in Puducherry to resume my duties day just after another day.

Kiran Bedi.